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Thank you for your pre-registration.
The Rewards will be sent via in-game mail
after official launch.
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  • 50K Grains*3
    50K Coins*3
    50K Timber*3
    50K Iron*3
    1min Boost*30
    Hillis Shard*10
  • 50K Grains*5
    50K Coins*5
    50K Timber*5
    50K Iron*5
    1min Boost*45
    15min R&D Boost*10
    Hillis Shard*20
  • 100K Grains*5
    100K Coins*5
    100K Timber*5
    100K Iron*5
    300 Crystal*3
    300 Amber*3
    15min General Boost*5
    1hr R&D Boost*3
    1hr Training Boost*3
    Hillis Shard*30
  • 500K Grains*2
    500K Coins*2
    500K Timber*2
    500K Iron*2
    300 Crystal*5
    300 Amber*5
    25% Marching Boost*15
    15min Boost*10
    1hr R&D Boost*5
    1hr Training Boost*5
    Hillis Shard*40
  • 500K Grains*3
    500K Coins*3
    500K Timber*3
    500K Iron*3
    500 Crystal*5
    500 Amber*5
    High-level Relocation Order*2
    24hr Truce Token
    15min Boost*20
    1hr R&D Boost*10
    1hr Training Boost*10
    Hillis Shard*40