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Majesty & Conquest Is Now up for Pre-Registration!

2019-10-17 15:13:45


Majesty & Conquest, the latest magic war strategy RPG from FriendTimes(06820. HK) is now up for pre-registration on iOS and Android. Players who pre-register now may receive rich in-game rewards and an exclusive hero once the game is launched!

Game Introduction

This is a magic land full of mystery and wonders. Human, elves, dwarfs, many races live here, each built their own cities and kingdoms. And magical creatures like Dragons and Trolls wander in the vast wilderness. 

Now, ancient evil is waking up from its long sleep , undeads are rising from darkness, and the fragile peace among clans is on the verge of breaking. And as a lord of the human kingdom, you must take the responsibility to rebuild the capital of your kingdom, unite all clans to fight against evil and save the world!

In this epic adventure, you may: meet heroes from different clans, let them lead your army to victory; rebuild the capital city which was damaged in former attack, restore the prosperity and glory of your kingdom; recruit and train a variety of troops from different clans, build your powerful coalition army; join hands with other lords and forge an strong alliance, occupy lands and cities!

Combine traditional strategic gameplay with role-playing. Majesty & Conquest will bring you an immersive fantasy adventure experience. Pre-register now to become a lord in this wonderful land!

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About FriendTimes

FriendTimes Inc. (06820. HK) is the leading mobile game developer and publisher based in Suzhou, China, with over 1400 staffs worldwide and branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Seoul, etc. Successfully launched over 20 titles, including the compelling original IP games such as Royal Chaos, Legend of Empress and Rise of Queendom, FriendTimes has achieved great prosperity and won reputation all around the world.